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Library > Training and Behavior > How to Clean Pet Accidents — And How to Avoid Them

How to Clean Pet Accidents — And How to Avoid Them


You’ve seen the guilty look. 

That “Really, Mom, you don’t need to go into the dining room behind the table. There’s nothing there to see. Nothing at all. I’m just going to go out and chase a squirrel now…” look.

When you have pets, accidents are inevitable. Even the best trained dog can’t make it when his people forget to let him out or get stuck in a 3-hour traffic jam coming home from work.


Time, heat, and humidity are your enemies. Clean messes quickly and use cool water.

Clean thoroughly and quickly – the longer you wait, the deeper and wider wet stains will spread. And once it’s in the carpet pad, it’s infinitely more difficult to clean. If the offending pet is male, be sure to check nearby vertical surfaces too — if he’s trying to mark his territory, he could get pretty creative with his “placement.”

Also, if you don’t clean well, the pet will keep coming back. Furthermore, if you have multiple pets, they may start trying to cover each other’s scents, leaving you with an even bigger mess.

Finally, if you suspect that there may be additional crime scenes, or that you haven’t quite gotten it all, use a blacklight to help you make sure you’ve found all the danger-zones.


Liquid Stains

Blot as much as you possibly can, use old towels, cloth diapers, or very thick layers of paper towels and use pressure (if you try standing on them, be sure to wear shoes!) until the towels remain dry. Then saturate the area with cool, clean water and blot again. and again. and again. Don’t use steam — it might seem like a good idea, but the heat will intensify the smells and may set stains and smells in man-made fibers like carpet

Then saturate the area with an enzyme-based cleaner.


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