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On behalf of all of us including our 9 dogs, thank you so very much for your assistance in curbing our dogs and keeping them safe. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't give thanks for our Invisible Fence® system.

– Robert C Bobcaygeon

GPS Containment

The Next Generation of Pet Containment

As the originators of pet containment technology, Invisible Fence® Brand has amassed more than 40 years of experience working with pets just like yours and finding solutions for every possible situation. We are continually updating and innovating our processes and systems to bring you the leading technology in pet management.

Invisible Fence® Brand now offers the ONLY differential GPS-based, wire-free pet fence. Our GPS containment system is designed specifically for larger to medium size property that have minimal to no tree coverage around the perimeter. Contact your local dealer to find out if GPS Containment is available in your area and is the right solution for your property.

  • Highly customizable: A GPS-based computer map easily and quickly establishes boundaries around waterways, buildings, and more.
  • No wires, no stress: No buried wires on your property for less stress and fewer worries.
  • No max size: Our GPS technology handles any property, no matter how big.
  • Multiple levels of tones and corrections provide added layers of safety.
  • Virtual Endless Boundary: Prevents any “breakthrough” where pets run beyond the signal’s reach, leaving no room for escape.
  • Emits an early warning tone if the system detects that your pet is approaching a boundary quickly based on his speed and direction.
  • Audible mobile alerts in your home base unit provide a final layer of protection.

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How Does It Work?

  • Our GPS-based system doesn't require wires. Property boundaries are set on a computer by a certified GPS technician.
  • Your pet’s GPS Mobile Collar™ receiver communicates with a home base unit. The base unit improves the accuracy and response of your pet's GPS Mobile Collar™ receiver. 
  • If your pet approaches the boundary, the custom-programmed GPS Mobile Collar™ receiver delivers a warning tone and, if needed, a gentle but effective static correction.
  • Most pets learn very quickly, and rarely test their new boundaries. They’re too happy enjoying the rest of the yard!

P.E.T. Approach™ method

All GPS Containment Solutions come with our P.E.T. Approach™ method, the key to our industry-leading success rate.

  • Personalization – Customized to fit your home and pet perfectly
  • Expertise – Passionate professionals for installation, technology, and customer care
  • Training – Systematic 4-step approach, developed with the industry’s top behavioral experts

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