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Dobie (needs) a generous exercise area; however, her running along the fence line and along the pool screen was destroying our landscaping! Once again Invisible Fence® Brand came to our rescue. The product works and the service is phenomenal. We recommend your product to anyone desiring pet control in a gentle fashion and there is no visible obstruction with the product. Thank you for your combined efforts.

– Bill
Tampa, FL

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New Micro Shields

Release date: 12/10/2012

New Micro Shields® Keep Pets Away From Trouble Spots, Keep Pet Owners Stress-Free.

KNOXVILLE , Tenn., Dec. 10, 2012 /CNW/ - For nearly 40 years, Invisible Fence® Brand has been keeping dogs and cats safe at home and in their yards with its containment systems. Today, Invisible Fence® Brand introduces Micro Shields®, its newest innovation that safely keeps dogs and cats away from trouble areas inside the home.


Micro Shields® Avoidance Solutions are mobile wireless units that help pets avoid areas of the home that may be unsafe or where their owners don't want them to go.

"At 3 inches in diameter, our newest Invisible® product was engineered to target smaller problem areas that pets are known for getting into like the garbage or kitty litter," said Albert Lee , Director of Invisible Fence® Brand. "Our dealers use Micro Shields® to safely teach pets to avoid areas of the home that can cause problems, reducing stress for homeowners, especially during the holidays."

With the holidays upon us, pets are bound to sniff out leftovers in the trashcan, scale the Christmas tree, and get tangled in tinsel. Micro Shields® units emit a signal to the pet's Computer Collar® which delivers an audible warning tone to the pet. After a few training lessons with a certified trainer, pets learn to stay away from the designated area which can be adjusted from 16 inches to 4 feet in diameter.

"The holidays also bring many dangers to pets," said Brian Atkison , National Certified Pet Trainer, Invisible Fence® Brand. "Owners need to be aware of the potential poisons and choking hazards and take steps to protect their pets."

"The only thing customers notice are better behaved pets that stay out of trouble, allowing them to relax and enjoy the holidays," Atkison said.

Year-round, Micro Shields® provide solutions for other areas such as litter boxes, food bowls, flower pots, coffee tables, front door, and kitchen counter tops.

Invisible Fence® Brand Avoidance Solutions also include Indoor Shields® that are designed for larger areas or entire rooms in the home, and Outdoor Shields® designed to keep pets away from landscaping or other outdoor areas. The wireless systems do not require installation of fencing or barricades, allowing homes, offices and yards to remain visually unchanged. Micro Shields® are sold and installed by certified Invisible Fence® Brand dealers.


Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment and avoidance systems are produced by Radio Systems Corporation and have a 99.5% success rating, according to Invisible Fence® Brand. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Invisible Fence® Brand


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