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More Happy Tails

Hi, Tom & Angie. 

I’m really glad that I met you at Rescuefest because I am so happy with the system you installed for our new pup.   

I had installed a similar product myself at my previous residence and it was such a disappointment.  In addition to spending hours trying to install the system myself, I struggled with getting my dog to properly acclimate to the system and ended up not using it at all.  So all that time and money was a frustrating waste. 

Your technician did a great job with a tricky installation in our backyard (with a pool, a lake, and big oak trees with big roots).  My dog responded quickly to the training techniques and seemed to be fully trained after only 2-3 corrections.  When your technician came back out for the second training session, it was evident that my dog was fully trained and the system had worked perfectly.  It is so nice to allow my dog to run freely around the back yard with no concern about her wandering off or chasing dogs/cats outside of our property. 

The money spent was well worth it, so feel free to use my testimonial to share with others that are considering Invisible Fence® Brand versus a competing product or method. 

Stan & Jennifer Pelz

In The News > Giving Back > Project Breathe > Fire stations get pet oxygen masks

2/19/2013 - Town of Caledon Better Prepared to Handle Pet-Related Emergencies

The donation is part of "Project Breathe" by Invisible Fence® Brand which aims to equip every fire station in Canada, the United States and the U.K with pet oxygen masks.

Fire stations get pet oxygen masks

The donation of the 11 masks was presented by Harry Bigley, owner of Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads.
 HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) - Each Hampton fire station got a new pet oxygen mask, courtesy of Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads.

The donation of the 11 masks was presented by Harry Bigley, owner of Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads.  Nearly 3,000 kits have been given to fire departments throughout the U.S. and Canada through the Invisible Fence® Brand Project Breathe™ initiative.

Prior to the pet masks, firefighters tried to adapt human masks, but they didn’t fit properly.

Additionally, the masks protect firefighters from an injured animal that may attempt to bite them.



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