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How wonderful the Indoor Shields® has worked for my Tinka (Yorkie). She is not reliably trained and I had tried every possible thing (to keep her off the rugs) and now at least when she has an accident, it is on the tile. It has been fabulous. My friends are amazed at how well it works.

– Bobbi & Tinka
Naples, FL

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Invisible Fence® Brand – The Original Innovators.

Over 40 years of keeping both owners and pets jumping for joy.

Right from the start, Invisible Fence® Brand solutions were created out of a genuine concern and love for dogs. Back in 1973, Richard Peck, a well-traveled dog lover, grew alarmed at the number of dogs he saw roaming the streets or injured by cars. Knowing that our furry friends need daily exercise to remain healthy, he resolved to find a way to enable pet owners to keep their dogs and cats safe – without constant monitoring by their owners – while still maintaining their freedom.

He worked with the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and Battelle Laboratories. His patented invention became the first ever electronic dog fence containment system – the Invisible Fence® Brand solutions. Read the full history of Invisible Fence® Brand

In the more than 40 years since then, Invisible Fence® Brand has protected more than 2 million pets of just about every size, breed, and temperament.

Our innovations have truly set the bar in the pet industry.

We constantly work to find innovative and technically advanced ways to keep pets out of danger.

Collars: The lightest, smallest, most customizable collars on the market, fitting every size pet (even puppies at 8 weeks).

Training: We began Perfect Start™ training decades ago, realizing that the key to success is training specifically customized to your pet and to your home. By consulting the nation’s leading vets, trainers, and behaviorists, Perfect Start™ training gives our solutions an edge and effectiveness others simply can’t match.

Installation: We’ve seen every driveway, street corner, garden, and terrain out there. With that much experience, we’ve given 2 million homes a perfect, easy installation that gets done right the first time.

Support: We are at your command for all your needs. We have always backed this up, having been the first to offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee*, lifetime warranty** on our products, and a one-year money-back containment guarantee.

Total Pet Environment: We may be best known for keeping pets happy and safe in your yard, but we bring happiness to the entire house with our innovative avoidance solutions, pet doors, feeding and watering systems, behavioral solutions, and more!

*Offered warranties vary depending on products purchased and the terms of your local Invisible Fence® Brand dealer's purchase contracts.
**Lifetime warranty shall be in effect for as long as the original purchaser owns the equipment. Proof of purchase may be required.

Sold exclusively through our local Pet Safety Professionals.

One big reason for the success of the Invisible Fence® Brand lies with our network of trained professionals who install the system, train your pet, and provide full support and service. They are all highly trained and ready to help you do whatever is necessary to keep your pet safe.

The results of our efforts are impressive. We have a 98% customer satisfaction rating and a 99.5% success rating of keeping your pet safe at home.

A final few words about us.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves when it comes to you and your pets. And we not only give our best to your pets, but we give to causes that save pets as well. From our Project Breatheprogram (donating pet oxygen masks to fire departments) to working with our local shelters and dozens of other animal welfare causes. We are a company devoted to giving our furry friends the best life possible.

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