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Invisible Fence® Brand provides

Complete solutions for harmony at home

Our comprehensive family of products works together to keep your pets out of harm's way and prevent unwanted behaviors throughout your home and yard.

Our customizable Computer Collar®

works with all three technologies:
Containment Safety Solutions
Shields® Avoidance Solutions
Doorman Access Solutions

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Invisible Fence Brand Indoor Shields

Invisible Fence® Brand Indoor Shields®

  • Use indoors to keep cats and dogs away from of off beds, tables, couches, rooms and other trouble areas
  • Portable, compact, and discreet avoidance technology
  • Adjustable wireless signal range protects any area of your home
Invisible Fence Brand Outdoor Shields

Invisible Fence® Brand Outdoor Shields®

  • Use outdoors to keep dogs and cats away from garbage cans, gardens, pools, play sets, and other trouble areas
  • Portable, compact, and discreet avoidance technology
  • Water resistant, with adjustable wireless signal range
Invisible Fence Brand Doorman

Invisible Fence® Brand Doorman™

  • Pets come and go as you please
  • Automatic lock keeps unwanted visitors out
  • Programmable controls
Invisible Fence Brand Computer Collar

Invisible Fence® Brand Containment

  • Keeps your pets inside the boundary and out of harm's way
  • Allows for different zones for multiple-pet households
  • Patented Boundary Plus® technology provides maximum space, security and safety

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