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Powering peace of mind and your pet's safety.

More Happy Tails

Hi, Tom & Angie. 

I’m really glad that I met you at Rescuefest because I am so happy with the system you installed for our new pup.   

I had installed a similar product myself at my previous residence and it was such a disappointment.  In addition to spending hours trying to install the system myself, I struggled with getting my dog to properly acclimate to the system and ended up not using it at all.  So all that time and money was a frustrating waste. 

Your technician did a great job with a tricky installation in our backyard (with a pool, a lake, and big oak trees with big roots).  My dog responded quickly to the training techniques and seemed to be fully trained after only 2-3 corrections.  When your technician came back out for the second training session, it was evident that my dog was fully trained and the system had worked perfectly.  It is so nice to allow my dog to run freely around the back yard with no concern about her wandering off or chasing dogs/cats outside of our property. 

The money spent was well worth it, so feel free to use my testimonial to share with others that are considering Invisible Fence® Brand versus a competing product or method. 

Stan & Jennifer Pelz

Help your little rascals become little angels.

find-behavior-1.jpgSome dogs knock over your guests. Some start barking and never stop. And some just find extra–creative ways to make your life more difficult than it needs to be. Now there’s help.

Our PetSafe® remote trainers and barking solutions provide the gentle, safe push a dog needs to understand what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t. Whether it’s pulling on leash, not coming when you call, or barking 24/7, owners’ lives become so much easier with these training tools. Need the help of a professional? Your Invisible Fence® Brand Dealer is here to help! Many of our certified dealers offer one-on-one training packages along with our behavior products.

Bark Control Systems

Some dogs have pretty good lungs but constant barking not only disrupts your own household, it can upset neighbors too. These special solutions are gentle, effective ways to control their barking. Here’s just a few of our Bark Control Features:

  • PerfectBark technology assures that only your dog’s bark will activate its collar and not that of any other dog.
  • QuickFit buckles ensure a quick release and perfect fit.
  • Lifetime limited warranty.
  • Ultrasonic (no collar needed!) and spray options available.
  • We even have products to keep your neighbor's dogs from bothering you with their barking!
  • SHOP OUR PRODUCTS to see all Bark Control Systems.

Behavioral Training Systems 

find-behavior-2a.jpgGuests in your home will suddenly notice what a well-behaved dog you have! These amazing devices help your dog associate verbal commands and behavior with beep tones, vibration, and stimulation. Customize your PetSafe® remote trainer to the specific behavior and, in very little time, your furry friend is trained, out of trouble, and making you proud. Here’s just a few of our unique remote trainer features:

  • Smallest and lightest remote training collars available.
  • Customizable tones and stimulation.
  • Waterproof and ultra durable.
  • Ultrasonic, collarless options available.
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